About Kédence

Kédence is a singer-songwriter-producer from Denver, CO. Kédence was exposed to music at a very young age and her mother, a singer-songwriter, has been her vocal coach and music partner; it only seemed natural to pursue a career in music. At the age of seven, Kédence was encouraged to learn music theory and learn to play an instrument. She chose the violin and has been playing violin ever since. She has since added some piano and guitar to her instrument list. Growing up with a mother who is a songwriter, Kédence began to gain an interest in producing. At the age of 19, Kédence began making beats with GarageBand in her free time. Her mother enjoyed the productions and they started Song Culture. Kédence then upgraded to using Pro Tools and Ableton for their productions and continues to use those and various professional tools for producing and songwriting. Kédence is fortunate to have and continue to collaborate with many top-tier producers, engineers and artists.Kédence has been featured on numerous radio playlists across the country and aims to continue landing more radio, film and tv placements and also hopes to write and collaborate with more artists. You can also find Kédence on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify and all music streaming and social media platforms.